Project Management and Port Operations

No matter where: Whether for your own or any third party offshore terminal, we provide for project planning as well as terminal mobilisation, management and operation.

What we provide

Since the early years of the offshore wind industry, Buss Offshore Solutions is looking back at having executed a variety of large-scale offshore wind projects. We know that every project and every port facility is unique and has its particular challenges, not at last related to the diversity of components to be assembled and handled.

Our project management team focusses on just this diversity and develops the right concept for every offshore wind project on every suitable terminal facility. Leading the project management of the specific offshore wind port project is followed by the port operations management, including all operational port activities.


Project Management

  • Development of terminal concept
  • Layout planning
  • Heavy lift engineering (e.g. SPMT, cranes)
  • Equipment selection
  • Resource demand planning
  • Documentation for all processes (e.g. QHSE documents, lifting studies, method statements and risk assessments, etc.)

Port Operations

  • Site management
  • Supervision of operations
  • Provision and training of operators and stevedores
  • Provision of cargo handling equipment (e.g. cranes, SPMT axle modules, etc.)
  • Coordination of all internal and external resources (interface management)