Data Protection Information

We would like to explain to you, as a visitor to our website, the purpose, method and scope of the collection, processing, and use of personal data on our website.


Data Protection Information

When visiting our Internet pages, data are collected, processed and used, in which a personal relationship can not always be excluded.

In order for data to be displayed on your browser the IP address must be ascertained, otherwise the browser on your end device (e.g., PC, notebook, smartphone) would not be able to receive data from this website.  As a rule, your provider currently issues an IP address dynamically.  This address usually changes regularly so that we cannot create any personal references from this IP address.  By static IP addresses, however, the creation of personal references is theoretically possible in isolated cases.  We store the complete IP address for a maximum of 7 days.

In the protocol file of the web server we might store information regarding data retrieval in addition to the IP address.

This includes:

  • The operating system of the calling computer
  • Browser version of the calling computer
  • Name of the retrieved file
  • Date and time of the retrieval
  • Quantity of the data transmitted
  • Linked URL

The data is stored and used exclusively for statistical purposes and for the purpose of error elimination.  A personal reference cannot be regularly created from the data.

Myfonts Web Fonts

We integrate external fonts from “MyFonts” on our website.  MyFonts is a service offered by MyFonts Inc. in the USA. The integration of these web fonts takes place via a server call by MyFonts (in the USA).  More information can be obtained at MyFonts’ data protection notice that you can access here:

Modification of these Provisions

A change in statutory provisions or our services could require the modification of this data protection notice.  The respective current version of the data protection regulations may be viewed at any time under the data protection link.


If you have questions regarding data protection or would like to assert any claims, please contact us any time.


Status: 16.03.2017